I am 20 years working as a hair stylist and from the very beginning of my career blow-drying played a huge part in building up my regular clients.

Blow-drying is one of the first hair services that a new client is comfortable and trusts you with, especially when you are just starting off as an assistant. Choosing the right hair brushes for a smooth, bouncy, curly or beach-waves blow-dry can be a total game changer.  Over the years many of my clients have asked me what is a good round brush, what to look for and where can they purchase.

And that’s how the Hair by Mona Lisa ‘Bounce & Shine’ Thermal Round Brushes were born, with my clients’ needs at heart.

Many hours and months were spent trying to source the right material, test the quality of the ceramic barrel, soft-long bristles and a non-slip handle (I have small hands & the size of the handle was also very important).

Why Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Brushes?

  • Made with materials that conduct heat, which can help you blow dry more efficiently.
  • Helps speed up drying time, which translates to less heat damage to hair.
  • Soft & long bristles provide superior grip, which makes it easy to create smooth, curly or bouncy finish.
  • Great for creating good beach waves, by wrapping small sections of hair around the brush.
  • It comes in three different barrel sizes – Small (D25), Medium (D32) and Large (D45).